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Homemaker - Animation Showcase

These animations were made for the indie game project "Homemaker".
All the animations were based on Motion Capture data that I recorded and cleaned, before doing the key framing on top of it.
Animations were done in MotionBuilder and the videos were rendered in Unreal Engine 4

The character model was made by one of my teammates on the project while I built the rig and skinned the character.
The meshes and materials in the background are a mix of models I have made for other projects, and default content from Unreal Engine.

This video showcases two different walk cycles blending in and out of each other, as well as the base idle.

This video shows the character transitioning to a state for pushing and pulling a heavy object as well as a longer variation of the idle animation.
All animations have manual root motion and blend smoothly in and out of each other.