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Elma - Animation Showcase

Animations made as part of an old animation course.
The character is Elma from Xenoblade Chronicles X. The model used was ripped from the game and rigged by KuroKairaku on Deviantart. I adjusted the rig and skinning slightly to better fit my needs and then animated it. Meshes and materials in the scene are a mix of content I have made myself for other projects and default content form Unreal Engine.

Animations were done through keyframing in MotionBuilder and later on adjusted through Unreal's additive animation system. Unfortunately there was some issue with the character extension components in MotionBuilder, so some of the smaller movement and follow-through ended up getting lost as the files exported.

This video showcases a short idle animation blending seamlessly into a longer idle variation.
The gun is attached using Skeletal Sockets.

This video showcases a walk cycle that blends into and out of the idle animation shown in the previous video.
The root-motion was manually applied in MoBu so when trying to capture it cinematically like this it looks a bit uneven. Its not noticed in game.

This is a set of animations showing how the character can transition between a idle state and a combat state. When in the combat state other actions/animations will be accessible such as the attack animation showcased here.